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Patrick Fitzsimmons: Reviews

The Changing

"Haunting and beautiful...the songs are a cut above most… very well thought out and put together"

Steve Lemcke - Burlington Free Press

"Deliciously rootsy … as meaningful as it is melodic."

Bob Makin - The Courier News

"This man can really sing! The songs are carefully crafted and range from pop/folk anthems to a number of masterful love ballads."

Robert Resnik - Seven Days Vermont

"The Changing is one of the finest bodies of work I've heard in years."

Angelo Agosta - WNTI Radio

“One of the top 5 Vermont CDs of 2001.”

Seven Days Vermont


“Perhaps the most beautiful sounding album of the year … poetic lyrics, hauntingly beautiful melodies, while also getting down right funky at times.”

The Daily Record

“Dance is an outstanding album that is sure to propel Fitzsimmons into greater national recognition. I hope it does because these songs deserve to be heard, by many people, over and over again.”

Folk Wax

“Fitzsimmons’ second solo outing balances pop gems with more melancholy ballads that are both pointed and poignant."

Seven Days Vermont

“… Dance is a remarkable album of beautiful, thought provoking songs. Fitzsimmons’ delicate vocals make him one of the most captivating, if understated, songwriters around today.”

Relix Magazine

“Best of 2002.”

The Burlington Free Press

Color in the Dark

"Some say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Patrick takes you into his soul through his music. Emotions pour out of his songs like a wellspring. Sit back, wrap yourself around a pillow and listen to Color In The Dark. Enjoy the journey".

Jeff Rusch - WNTI Radio

"Color In The Dark is a collection of well crafted, well thought out and emotionally heart felt compositions from a tried and true artist. Patrick Fitzsimmons is a guy with a lot of pure emotion that comes straight from the gut. In today's world of 'anything goes' music, an artist like this is uncommon and a great treasure for those who are looking for it, as well as listening. The title track really sums it all up and you can understand why it was chosen to end as we get a quick glimpse into the mind of a fantastic singer/songwriter."

Gordon Brown - Writers in the Raw

"Fitzsimmons' third self-produced recording, Color In The Dark, is yet another folk-rock gem. One listen to Color In The Dark confirms this dude knows how he wants his recordings to sound, and how to accomplish it. Color In The Dark is clearly the work of a pro."

Robert Resnik - Seven Days Vermont

Live 2005 The Birthday Shows

“Patrick has such a melodic gift and such a crystal clear voice it's hard to believe he was originally known as the drummer with From Good Homes. With this CD, he's definitely found his calling as a singer-songwriter of the first rank.”

John Platt - WFUV Radio

“On his most recent release, Live: The Birthday Shows, Patrick Fitzsimmons shows why he is such a popular live performer. His catchy songwriting is almost always punctuated by an infectious beat – no surprise if you know that he has spent some time as a professional drummer!”

Robert Resnik - Vermont Public Radio

“I've been following Patrick's music since I first heard the title track from 'The Changing,' his 2001 release. His smooth voice is perfect for his lyrics, which can be reflective ("you can find if you wish to / Enough love and joy in this old world to see us through" and romantic ("Take me love / Into your warm embrace"). His guitar playing is excellent, and the songs range from soft folk-pop to rhythmic folk-rock. His live shows showcase his warmth as a performer, as well as his musicianship as a singer/songwriter, as evidenced in this live recording.”

Andy Tokash - WVKR Poughkeepsie, N

“Patrick has a wonderful, engaging singing voice that can rise from a sensitive whisper to a loud high wail with a seamless dynamic that makes it sound so easy (but believe me, it ain't easy). One track, "Autumn" sort of reminds me of a Buddy Holly ballad as if sung by John Hall, but that's about as close a comparison I can come up with. "Take Me Love" is another song that pleasantly reminds me of Buddy Holly. 16 of the CD's 17 songs are Fitzsimmons' originals, the only cover being a very nice acoustic rendition of Led Zeppelin's "That's the Way". The sound quality of this live recording is excellent, and the backing accompaniment from cellist Loni Bach, violinist Leena Gilbert, bassist Rob Meehan, pianist Tom Askin, and percussionist Ned Stroh is absolutely perfect. The strings, in particular, are so tasteful and add yet another layer of beauty to what are already some very ear-catching songs. "Drive" has a nice percussive rhythm, while the opening song, "Come to Me" is as sweet a love song as one will likely hear. All I can say is - check out this CD.”

Larry Hoyt - Common Threads

So Beautiful So Blue

"Fitzsimmons is an immensely talented singer. With a shimmering, silken delivery, he is effortlessly emotive ... So Beautiful So Blue is exquisitely and professionally produced and arranged ... and reveals a mature songwriter near the peak of his abilities. Wide eyed and heartfelt, his music ably and honestly recalls a simpler period of American pop music. It is retro in the finest, and blissfully unironic, sense of the word."

Seven Days Vermont

Haiti Quake Relief Concert

"I've been reacquainting myself of late with Patrick Fitzsimmons' live show (I caught him at First Night Burlington as well) and especially the amazing drumming the former percussionist for From Good Homes does on his guitar, often while strumming in between beats. I could watch and listen to him doing that all night."

Brent Hallenbeck - Burlington Free Press (Feb 4, 2010)