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Patrick Fitzsimmons: Lyrics

Here For You

(Patrick Fitzsimmons)
October 9, 2012
Patrick Fitzsimmons

Here For You
by Patrick Fitzsimmons
copyright Itz Fitz Music ASCAP 2011
Has your world come crashing down on your shoulders
I want to know what you're going thru
Has the tide turned hard. Do you feel like you're going under
Please tell me what I can do

  I am here for you

Remember the days when we lived and loved so easy
There was nothing we could not do
And the world so kind and benign and so forgiving  
Now can be so cruel

     Ch:  I am here for you

     I wish for you the joy you have been missing  
     All that survives seeks to bloom  
     Say it again and again, "I am not helpless"
     Don't you give up on you