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Patrick Fitzsimmons: Lyrics

Fear of Heights

We spoke of life and love like flying
Catching air and taking flight
I wish you told me back when we began
About your fear of heights

Well it’s not from lack of trying
I never worked so hard
But every time we got closer
You would fall apart

And I stayed

Long enough to realize
We were going down
Long enough for you to decide
It’s safer on the ground

So blame me now for not believing
And leaving too soon
But that’s the hole in your alibi
Its you who won’t believe in you

And I stayed

Long enough to sadly see
You don’t like yourself
Long enough for you to take it out
On everybody else

I see you now and don’t know what to feel
Or what it is you’re trying to find
And though its hard I still hope that you
Cure your fear of heights

And fly fly fly fly