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Patrick Fitzsimmons: Lyrics

Changing the Rules

I spent all morning in bed
Staring out at the trees
Sifting through the words you said
Words I don’t think you believe
I don’t believe you want to leave

You say you’ve got to be moving on
I say that we will be alright
You spend the day trying to prove me wrong
And then you spend the night
Then you spend the night

Katie will this ever change
Or will I always be your fool
Just when I think I’ve learned your game
You go changing the rules

I think its fear that makes you run
From a love you can’t deny
If you’re so God damn sure about it
Why don’t you look me in the eyes
You won’t look me in the eyes

And why can’t you just walk away
You can’t even walk out of a room
Without turning back my way
To see if I’m still watching you
I’m still watching you

Repeat chorus