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Patrick Fitzsimmons: Lyrics

Hard Times

Big ‘ol flag on a pickup truck
Bumper sticker says “Don’t Mess With US”
You may be tough but you’re not too bright
If you believe what you hear each night

Turn off your TV baby, that ain’t the news
You’ve got to use your mind
In these hard times
Hard yeah

Those with another plan
Can’t get the ear of the man
He’s walkin’ proud out on his lawn
Can’t figure out why we’re carrying on

He wants to play follow the leader
But he sure ain’t mine
In these hard times
Hard yeah

You’re proud to be an American
I hear you say it again and again
Are you proud no matter what we do
If that’s the case well then shame on you

Turn off your TV baby that ain’t the truth
You’ve got to open your eyes
In these hard times
Hard yeah