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Patrick Fitzsimmons: Lyrics

Fare Thee Well

Fare thee well my dear old friend
You have given me a treasure I will cherish to my end
Take your love and joy of life
to the people and the places that you find along your ride

Fare thee well. Don’t shed a tear,
though I shall not, when you leave me, take my own advice I fear.
For I will miss our easy way,
few are those who, with another, share such a place.

But now you’re set and fixed to roam
May you never, in your travels, lose the sacred way back home
For here I’ll be just like today.
When you think about me now and then please see me in this way:
Waiting here on Tunnel Hill .
Where we’ve walked and talked and dreamed and learned of
strength and love and will.

Better men now are we
For a friendship that has lasted long and grown just as this tree
Sturdy trunk, tall and strong
branches ever reaching- it is this that keeps us strong.

So fare thee well. I’ll watch you go
And see you slowly disappear into the unknown

Fare thee well…